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Registered: ‎07-10-2013

Vivado 2019.1 Pausing Log Output

For Vivado running on Windows 10, the Log window in Simulation, Synthesis and Implementation provides a "Pause output" control icon/button, which when the mouse is held over the button indicates "Pause output".  However, when the button is clicked on and output is paused, when the mouse is then held over the button it still indicates "Pause output".  It would be very helpful to have the mouse-invoked text indicate the state of the pause, e.g. in the latter case indicating instead "Output paused" or perhaps "Unpause output".  This would be highly beneficial in situations, especially during Implementation, when new text may be produced only occasionally, so it is not clear whether the output has in fact been paused or not.

Additionally, it appears that in some instances when Synthesis is completing with its Log output having been paused, with Implementation then starting up, that the Implementation log window acts as if its output has been paused (perhaps as a holdover from Synthesis), but cannot be un-paused, so that no text can be made to be displayed throughout the entire course of Implementation running.

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Registered: ‎11-21-2019

Re: Vivado 2019.1 Pausing Log Output

The same issue I have too. running vivado 2019.1 . Any ideas to resolve the problem?


Thanks in advance

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