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Registered: ‎04-14-2017

Vivado Move Cursor and Editor When Press Undo

In ISE, when pressing undo the cursor and editor move to the word in the file where there was a change. This means the editor used to automatically scroll and put the cursor on the right line that was changing. In Vivado the undo happens without the cursor or editor moving at all. Its very hard to see what line is changing! Is there a way to make the Vivado undo act like ISE?




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Registered: ‎09-15-2016

Hi @petersanch,


So I tried editing and doing undo in one source file (.vhd) in ISE 14.7 and also with Vivado 2017.3.1 in line with your explanation. Correct me if this is not the same -


In ISE 14.7 -- say,

1. We delete from line use UNISIM.VComponents.all; and make it --> use UNISIM.VCompon

2. Now I move my cursor somewhere else (which was after 'n' above) and I saved the file.

3. Now if I click Undo from GUI menu > cursor moves back and while undo operation is done.


In Vivado - for the same operation,

3. If I click Undo from GUI menu >cursor remains where it was -- (as per step 2 - cursor was moved somewhere else) but the Undo operation happens.


Is this in line with your comment?


But I found that using Ctrl+z (Windows) for Undo in Vivado brings back the cursor to the correction line itself after two clicks like seen in ISE for a workaround.


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