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Registered: ‎07-23-2019

Vivado, SDK and different drives

I have Vivado HLS 2019.1 and SDK installed on a Windows 10 machine that has a partition on the hard drive, so two logical drives C and D. The software is installed on C but the workspace and projects are on D.

First of all, the install is on a non-admin account done with admin rights but installed only for 'current users' so there are no shortcuts in the start menu... I'm running the bat files straight away from the bin folders, it seems to work but I'm not completely convinced it's fine as the software may check the user at run time.

What I noticed is if I have a Vivado project (on the D drive) it's all fine but when I launch SDK for that project, it just crashes. Starting SDK and changing the workspace to the sdk folder of that project in the D drive makes SDK to crash as well.

It seems to work if the projects and workspaces are in C:

So the question is, does Vivado/ SDK any problem with different drives? Or is it the mess with the 'current user' install?


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Re: Vivado, SDK and different drives

Hi @archangel-lightworks 

I usually use a different drive for the SDK/Vivado installation and my project/workspace without any issue There might be a user permission issue

Also you might want to delete the .Xilinx which might be created under your driver. ex C:\Users\<username>\.Xilinx. It keeps the previous settings of SDK sessions. Sometimes it helps to clear it.


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