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Registered: ‎08-30-2019

Vivado customize IP dialogs over X11 span multiple monitors


    My work has me using vivado by SSHing to a linux server from my windows laptop and using X11 forwarding for the GUI. Whenever I try to customize IP, the dialog for it chooses a size that spans across all 3 monitors. While it is possible to use the IP customizer, it's quite annoying that the OK and cancel buttons are now quite far away, and when a table is presented it's not as useful as it ought to be since the rows stretch way further than they need to. I've attached a screenshot with the boundaries between monitors annotated in red. The screenshot shows the IP customizer for a FIFO at default settings which isn't so bad, but it's less usable with the High Speed SelectIO wizard, which has expand buttons for tables all the way to the right and the useful entries on the left. I've tried detaching monitors and the problem persists on both 2 and 1 monitor, where on one monitor the dialog is simply too big to fit and needs to be moved around to get to the OK/Cancel buttons or see the rightmost entries of a table. Are there any settings I can change to keep the size of the dialogs from getting this extreme?

Thank you,

-Nicholas Peters

Annotation 2019-09-10 101602.png
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Registered: ‎09-16-2009

I can confirm this behaviour - we've seen it as well from many versions of Vivado.  

All our Xilinx work is done via linux servers.  When we are begrudgingly forced to bring up the Vivado GUI (rarely) it's always through a SSH X11 forwarded tunnel.  I can confirm many dialog boxes behave as you've described with multiple monitors connected. Doesn't seem to matter if the "other" side of the tunnel is linux or a windows box running some sort of Xserver.

Be nice if it was fixed.





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