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Observer mreisteremp
Registered: ‎03-17-2014

Vivado ip file group relative path

I am having an issue when adding some VHDL sources file to my IP file group when creating a new VIVADO IP design.

When I add my files to the file group it adds the absolute path and not the relative path. I want to add the relative path.

I have found this article:


 That says in order to add the file using the relative path the file needs to be available inside the project/srcs/ip directory. At least it says this for .coe files… I assume this applies to all files as well.

So a question.

  • Do I really need the files in a directory called srcs/ip directory in order for the ip packager to add the files using a relative path name? IF so should I manual create this or is the tools supposed to create this for me?

I suspect I don’t really need to add the files like this since I have the AXI wrapper files that my tools generated automatically in a directory other than this one and them a referenced using a relative path. I also have about 5 other ip project that I have don’t where the added files are referenced using a relative path and none of them are in this “srcs/ip directory” directory structure.


So another question

How do I get vivado to add my files using a relative path?

The tool even warns me that I am not using a relative path, but I doesn’t allow my to add a file using a relative path.

I have attached a screen shot for conveince. The files ADC_READER_v1_0_S00_AXI.vhd, ADC_READER_v1_0_S00_AXIS.vhd, ADC_READER_v1_0.vhd are in the same directory as the files that are being added as a absolute path.



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Observer mreisteremp
Registered: ‎03-17-2014

Re: Vivado ip file group relative path

ok update. 


I went into my component.xml file and manual edited it to use the reltive path and everything works..............


But why is vivado not adding these files using a relative path? Why do i have change to component.xml manually?

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎10-24-2013

Re: Vivado ip file group relative path

Please check this thread.
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