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Registered: ‎08-28-2019

Vivado project migration to different version

I have an existing XPR file from 2016.2 I want to migrate this to 2019.1, looking at the XML file (XPR) all the paths are absolute, I chose a new path from the application but this has not fixed the file references.

I've opened the XPR file in a text editor and plan to do it by hand, however it isn't obvious or simple as there appear to be lots of references to variables that are not self explanatory.

I have several questions:

  1. The first "Project" node there is a Path attribute, the path is absolute, can this be modified to be a relative path from the current XPR location?
  2. If the folder is relative will all the variables work and also be relative?
  3. In the rest of the file there are all sorts of variables, can someone please explain these, some I've guessed:

$PCACHEDIR               to project folder.cache ?

$PPRDIR                       ?


$PSRCDIR                     to project folder.srcs ?

$PRUNDIR                     ?


Kind Regards,
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