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What does "KPR" mean in the Fitter report?

I have been working on compiling my design and have set up a user configuration file (*.ucf). From the pin configuration process, I know what my pins are. However, when I look at the Fitter report, there are no pin names listed, only "KPR".


Also, regarding the UCF file....I have a top level design name and I also have loaded numerous "sub-modules" (working at schematic entry level). When I first ran the pin configuration process, it created a ucf file with the name of one of my sub-modules, not what I would consider my top-level module. I have tried deleting the *.ucf file in the hopes I get the option of naming  or specifying the ucf file, but that never happens.  Any idea why this occurs and how to change it?


  Thanks and cheers...Steph

Message Edited by ipsbiz on 02-26-2009 06:24 PM
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