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Registered: ‎03-29-2008

What is the function of the "Utility sources"

Hello All, there is a file grouping in Vivado called "Utility source"  there seems to be no mention at all in any of the documentation for how to use this group or its purpose.  Can someone explain it please?  Also, would it be possible to get a mention of this file grouping in the Vivado documentation?

BTW, side note it seems as if it is very hard if not impossible to add a text file to the Vivado sources,  while I do understand that perhaps a text file is not an actual source it sure can be handy to have a place to store TCL commands and common data sets used in development, and other uses for a scratch pad.  Yes, I can hear some saying  "that is what Notepad++ is for" but it is nice to have it right in the GUI.  Something one might expect to have in the "Utility sources" group.


Thank You



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Re: What is the function of the "Utility sources"

I don't know the purpose of "Utility sources" either.

However, you can add text files to your Vivado project as shown in the following post.

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Re: What is the function of the "Utility sources"

Hi @nickh,

Utility sources store the pre- and post- tcl files applied to the design runs. It also stores the reference DCPs in incremental compilation flow. You can also delete these files from utility sources window.

Text files can also be added in the sources, please refer to comment.