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Registered: ‎09-05-2018

Workstation specifications for Vivado

I'm upgrading my workstation for doing more work with Vivado.

Currently builds take about 10 minutes even for simple designs.  I'd like them to be faster.

I currently have an Intel Core i5-4460.  I am upgrading the motherboard and RAM at the same time.

In terms of processor, would anyone be able to suggest a good processor?  I am minded to consider the AMD Ryzen 3700X; does anyone have any experience with this?  Is it better to have more single-threaded performance or better multi-threaded performance?


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Registered: ‎07-09-2009

Re: Workstation specifications for Vivado

10 minutes is not a long time,

in my opinion, Suggestions,

Fastest processor you can get
mutlicore is not to useful, as the tools are mostly single or dual thread.
Dont have or use on board graphics, have a separate graphics card, even a cheap one.
memory, as many banks as possible, and as much as you can
SSD. Dont use SATA , use a PCIe M2 card , ( you will get 3GB/s performance )
Have as little else running as possible ( Kind of impossible but ant virus etc ! )
Run linux not W10 ,

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Registered: ‎09-05-2018

Re: Workstation specifications for Vivado

So I took the plunge and ordered an AMD Ryzen 3800X

What can I say, as an upgrade from the i5-4460

Before, the build time was 25 minutes for my current design, now it is under 6 minutes.  Massive improvement.  While synthesis seems only slightly faster (I am guessing it is single or dual threaded only), place and route has improved significantly. 

There are likely some other minor improvements, such as branch prediction and larger cache, that also benefit the AMD processor.

Also, I can comprehensively say that in terms of raw performance, Intel has been well and truly knocked off the thrown.  Long live the new king -- AMD.