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Registered: ‎02-12-2018

how can I constrain the Vivado address editor?



Whenever I use the automatic address mapping, Vivado assumes a default range of 64K. To change the range I unmapped all segments then added one by one but even then it maps it according to 64K range.


In the image above I mapped the LEDs first and manually changed range 64K to 4K. Since the next slave is 4K as well (switches), it could be mapped starting from 0x41201000. Instead, Vivado however mapped it to the next valid range assuming 64K.


Is there any convenient way to achieve this, without manual mapping?

For example, can I call a script to map with 4K, simular to:

assign_bd_address [get_bd_addr_segs {DIP_SWITCHES_4BITS/S_AXI/Reg }]
set_property range 4K [get_bd_addr_segs {processing_system7_0/Data/SEG_DIP_SWITCHES_4BITS_Reg}]


The above code would result in the mapping shown in the figure, not what I want.


thank you

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