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Registered: ‎10-06-2019

incompatible module issue when trying to add a module into the Block Design in Vivado

Hello All,

I am facing an issue when trying to add some custom modules (.v files) into a block design created in Vivado, which I hope you can give me some guidance in this regard.

The thing is, I have cloned some .v files as my design source from this repository:

While following the steps for creating a project as instructed in, when I try to add the top-level cl_wrapper module, the module is shown in grey and cannot be selected and added as it says it is incompatible. I also see some (not all) submodules of this top-level module are considered to be incompatible, so I am guessing because of them being incompatible, the top-level module would not be compatible as well. But I do not know the reason(s) for a module being incompatible.

I have tested on both Vivado 2019.1, and 2018.3 (suggested by authors of custom modules in the mentioned link) and faced the same issue each time. I am attaching a screenshot of the error on Vivado 2018.3 as a reference:

Screenshot from 2019-10-06 15-29-25.png 


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎05-22-2018

Hi @amirhossein_esmaili .

Please check the files which are showing as incompatible for:

  • syntactical errors
  • Modules with missing sources
  •  Module definitions that contain or refer to an EDIF netlist, a DCP file, another block design, or
    unsupported IP

For detailed information on that pleas check page no.217 of below link: 




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Registered: ‎10-06-2019

Hi Raj,

Thank you very much for your answer.

I broke down the issue, and one problem I found was that mux_n_1.v, which is one of the modules needed for the synthesis of higher-level modules, is not compatible itself and thus cannot be added to the block design as it is (which probably causes the higher-level modules to be incompatible as well).

However, this module (mux_n_1) only uses mux_2_1.v as its submodule, where mux_2_1.v file exists and also is compatible and can be added to the Block Desing separately. For debugging this, what I tried to do was I created a new separate project in Vivado and only added mux_n_1.v and mux_2_1.v as source files, and attempted to synthesize the mux_n_1 in this new project. However, while mux_2_1 was still compatible, mux_n_1 is still incompatible and cannot be added to the block design.

I cannot figure the reason for this and I appreciate any help in this regard. For reference, I am attaching mux_2_1.v and mux_n_1.v files in case somebody wants to try this itself.

Thanks, Amirhossein.

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Registered: ‎08-08-2018

I have the same problem.
Have you solved this problem?
When I have tested, I can add modules in 2018.2 version, but in 2020.1 version I get the same problem as above.

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