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Registered: ‎07-01-2020

ip within ip


in my design i need to create IPs , connect them in a block design, in order to create a new IP, to be used lately in a final block design.*

As this process will be reapeted many times before achieving the full design i ask you some advise for this kind of situation.

What are the best settings to use in order to have no problems for this situation?

Would be better to use the core container option?


I encounter problems when i attempt to use the new IP generated in a new block design, running simulation, i get a whole bunch of errors that mention the impossibility to source the "sub-IPs" even if i put them in the repository.

Looks like i will have to do the design again from down up, and i don't want to be in this again

What you suggest also in terms of folders management?


Thanks a lot and regards


* i add some more details:

1)i'm saving in first place  IPs in each project folder (some of them need .mem file)

2)i create new project and bd using Ips previously created and i create wrapper, simulation and save generated IP in project fold

if i try to do create a new design that uses IP created in passage 2 it won't work 

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