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Registered: ‎05-23-2014

launch runs on remote host

Hi all,

I am trying to set up vivado to run synthesis/implementation on a remote host, but I am not able.
I have two machines with vivado 2018.1 installed.

On my local machine I can set up Manual configuration such that the Test runs succesfully:



Naturally trying to run Synthesis does not work.

Accordingly I wonder if some of the following is not properly setup.
Can someone clarify on the following points UG904 ???

1- Vivado tools installation is assumed to be available from the login shell: which shell ?? the remote host shell?

2- For Manual Configuration, if you do not have Vivado set up upon login , use the Run pre-launch script:  what does "have Vivado set up" means ?? I tried to use a pre-script sh file sourcing ../Vivado/2018.1/, but nothing happens

3- Vivado IDE installation must be visible from the mounted file systems on remote machines: my remote machine has vivado installed. Is it enough ? Isn't this the same thing requested at point 1- ??

4-Vivado IDE project files (.xpr) and directories (.data and .runs) must be visible from the mounted file systems on remote machines: you mean that I need to mount the locall proj and files directories on the remote machine file-system ? If so, how do I tell the  remote machine where the local files have been mounted ?


Thanks for your help



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