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Visitor knugent
Registered: ‎05-31-2019

xbip_multadd_0 was not recognized as a sub module of my top_level shuffler_1 .vhd code !


I generated a Multiply Adder xbip_multadd_0 IP via ip catalog to my current project. Within one of my user modules (eg shuffler_1.vhd rtl code) I then declared the component xbip_multadd_0 + instantiation (mult_add_inst:xbip_multadd_0). My shuffler_1.vhd code had no syntax errors. I then expected to see on the sources window the xbip_multadd_0 to be recognized as a sub module of the shuffler_1. However, this was listed as

mult_add_inst:xil_defaultlib.xbip_multadd_0    with a ? (ie file not found!). 

I tried adding to my shuffler_1 the following at the very top :

library xil_defaultlib;

use xil_defaultlib.all;


but still I could not get the xbib_multadd_0 to be recognized as a submodule of my shuffler_1 code. Any suggestions to what I am doing wrong here?

Also, why it has added xil_default library name ? Noticed that this was the default library in the project manager settings window. 

On other cases when I instantiated a Dual Port RAM (from the IP catalog) in other top-level .vhd codes, this was always recognized ok without adding the xil_default library name.

Will appreciate a prompt reply to this matter & how to resolve it.



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Visitor knugent
Registered: ‎05-31-2019

Re: xbip_multadd_0 was not recognized as a sub module of my top_level shuffler_1 .vhd code !

Hi All,

Silly me ! The name I used in the VHDL was xbib_multadd_0 and not xbip_multadd_0. 

Problem is now resolved :-)



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