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Registered: ‎01-04-2021

2 XSG models on same dSPACE FPGA board


We are working with dSPACE FPGA DS2655 7k410 board and with DS2655 M1 modules (4 per bench). We developed XSG model for one electrical machine and it is working well.

Now, we want to integrate also a second electrical machine developed by a third-party. The second model will be developed with dSPACE HW and XSG libraries as well as first model.

We want to make run together both models on same FPGA board. Issue is that third-party will not supply us open model but locked one for confidentiality reasons what will not allow us to perform required I/O mapping.

Questions are :

  • Do you already have seen this kind of configuration?
  • How to make them both work on same FPGA board ?
  • What should be requested from third-party side ?
  • What should be done at integration level for us ?

Thank you ! BR.

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