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Registered: ‎10-14-2020

How to include C-functions (by DPI) in a Vivado project?

Hello, I want to include a c-function using DPI. I have a Vivado project created from TCL script and it's working. I read the reference [1] and I can run examples in /examples/xsim/systemverilog/dpi/*. To integrate the c-function in the project I add the compile and elaborate commands to the bash script generate by the vivado. And I can run the simulation without GUI interface (using xsim command on the bash script). Finally, when I want to open the Vivado (star_gui) I can run the simulation. I obtained this message: FATAL_ERROR: Vivado Simulator kernel has encounted an exception from DPI C function: myFunction(). Please correct Can anybody help me with same guide or tutorial to integrate a c-function to Vivado project (using bash/tcl scripts) ? Regards, Luis.

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