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Registered: ‎09-18-2018

IDF failed to place OBUF

I'm new to isolated design flow(IDF) and trying an example project on it. The very small example design was created with vivado 2018.2, and it is in attachments. I get the following error while running placement: 

[DRC HDIS-18] No Pblock range for cell: HD.ISOLATED primitive cell 'idf0/OBUF_c' is not ranged by Pblock 'pblock_idf0'.  An isolation Pblock must range all of its cell primitive types. A 'IOB' range needs to be added to the Pblock.  Alternatively the HD.ISOLATED_EXEMPT property can be used if necessary to allow the cell outside of the Pblock.

Once I added the following two lines in the xdc file, the project was then OK and finish without error:

set_property HD.ISOLATED_EXEMPT true [get_cells idf0/OBUF_c]

set_property HD.ISOLATED_EXEMPT true [get_cells idf1/OBUF_c]

Then I commented these two lines and the error occurred again.

How can solve this error or get further information on it?

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