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Registered: ‎08-15-2018

Reusing intellectual property allowing devices and constraints to be applied later

I'd like to make a piece of transceiver IP that works on a quad basis, four transceivers. I'd like to include a memory and generic fabric logic.

UG1119 gives a clear example of how to package IP, including a mention of encryption, but includes constraints, implying a 'locked' position of the IP. Is there a user's guide for packaging IP that can be instantiated with different devices and LOCs as determined by the consumer of the IP?

My long term goal is that I'd like to be able to create these "IP globs" and be able to assemble them like a structured ASIC, and also be able to reconfigure a device for a given IP based on some startup conditions. It's for this reason I need more detail that what is described in UG1119.

Thank you.


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