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Visitor prateekj212
Registered: ‎04-10-2018

What is a pblock and how to use it in out of context synthesis?

I am trying to run out of context synthesis of a module(mesh). This imports a out of context synthesized and implemented(placed and routed) module design checkpoint. Now the whole purpose of running out of context synthesis of the mesh is to reduce runtime. The mesh has a generate block with two for loops which generate a 2D structure of the imported checkpoint module. So lets say 2x2 = 4 such modules are generated from the same checkpoint. 


Now I am running out of context(dont want IO buffers) sythesis on the mesh (top) module. How do I reduce the runtime of this?


I read in the HD design guide that I have to create pblocks and add cells to it and then lock the routing. 


Can someone please explain how this is done in a very simple manner? I even tried the HD tutorial but not able to reproduce the results for my project. 



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Registered: ‎06-20-2017

Re: What is a pblock and how to use it in out of context synthesis?

Take a look at partial reconfiguration or floorplanning in DocNav.