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Registered: ‎04-04-2019

how to implement a PC app on an Ultra96 board?

We are working on the OpenMVG project, which is an open source project used for 3D reconstruction, and we currently would like to implement this project on an Ultra96v1 board (we are new to Xilinx FPGAs, thus would consider hardware accelaration later but not now).

We are considering to utilize SDSoC, but it would be an extremely complicated work to transfer the project to an SDx project, since there are lots of third party dependencies, like libjpeg, libtiff etc. The original project was built using cmake on my Win10, where a Visual Studio project was generated for building, but there is no way for cmake to generate a SDx project. Therefore,  we consider to use cmake cross-compilation, where the toolchain was provided by, but the problem is how to integrate the application with petalinux system? Does anyone have ideas or suggestions?

The source can be found at, if you are interested.

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