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Chipscope core generation fails from ISE in Linux


I am using ISE 13.2 on CentOS release 5.6 (Final) 64-bit and have a problem when using chipscope from ISE Project Navigator.


I have made a minimal project and added a chipscope-cdc. When I try to make a bitfile, I get the following errors:


Loading CDC project /storage/home/sitj/TestProject/chipscope.cdc
Successfully read project /storage/home/sitj/TestProject/chipscope.cdc
copy /storage/home/sitj/TestProject/dummy_test_cs.ngc => /storage/home/sitj/TestProject/_ngo/
Generating cores using CORE Generator.  Please be patient as this can take several minutes...
     Using existing cached core /storage/home/sitj/TestProject/_ngo/cs_icon_pro/generate_icon_pro.xco      

     Generating core 2 of 2 ila_pro_0.ngc... FAILED.

<CoreGen>:ERROR:sim:824 - Something went wrong while preparing for IP customization.ERROR:sim - IP initializer could not set parameters on IP model
<CoreGen>:ERROR:sim - ERROR:sim - Failed to initialize IP model.
<CoreGen>:ERROR:sim - Failed to resolve generic values.
<CoreGen>:ERROR:sim - Failed to generate 'ila_pro_0'.  Failed to resolve generic values.
<CoreGen>:ERROR:sim:877 - Error found during execution of IP 'ILA (ChipScope Pro -
See CoreGen Log /storage/home/sitj/TestProject/_ngo/cs_ila_pro_0/coregen.log
ERROR:ChipScope: Unable to generate ila_pro_0.ngc
ERROR:ChipScope: Double-click the chipscope.cdc icon in the sources window to edit and fix the CDC project.


The file /storage/home/sitj/TestProject/_ngo/cs_ila_pro_0/coregen.log does not contain any more information.


I have not seen this problem on Windows.


Any suggestions?




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Re: Chipscope core generation fails from ISE in Linux

Hi Sigve,


I have recently stumbled upon this problem in ISE 13.3. It is probably related to your locale settings. You use comma in decimal notation, right? If so, please follow this Answer Record It worked for me (with polish locale).




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Re: Chipscope core generation fails from ISE in Linux

Hi Olek,

That is right, I use comma in the decimal notation and the answer record above does indeed fix my problem.