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QDMA Linux Kernel Driver Usage and Debug Guide

Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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This blog entry provides a step by step video and links to associated document with instructions for installing and running the QDMA Linux Kernel driver. It also provides some debug information.

It should be used in conjunction with the ‘read me’ file and documentation that comes with the driver. The QDMA Linux Kernel Driver can be downloaded from the link below:

Below is a list of the various steps and commands executed in the video with the corresponding timestamps:

0:00:10.00 Using the grep command to list Xilinx devices in lspci
0:00:30.00 Failure due to missing libaio
0:01:45.00 Downloading and installing libaio
0:02:25.00 Running the 'make' command
0:03:40.00 Running the 'make install' command
0:03:55.00 Installing the PF driver and the VF driver
0:05:55.00 Running the dev list function to show each device which is connected
0:06:15.00 Showing that the device is configured to have 0 as the maximum number of queues
0:07:50.00 Running dmactl -h or man dmactl to see details of the available commands in dmactl
0:08:20.00 Adding a Queue
0:08:50.00 Adding a list of Queues
0:10:05.00 Displaying added queues
0:10:30.00 Starting a queue
0:12:10.00 Showing queue descriptors
0:12:40.00 QDMA HTML usage document
0:15:25.00 Stopping a Queue
0:15:40.00 Deleting a Queue
0:16:00.00 The dma_to_device tool
0:18:05.00 The dma_from_device tool
0:20:10.00 Reading registers using dmactl
0:20:25.00 Dumping Registers
0:21:40.00 Writing to registers using dmactl
0:22:50.00 Executing the devinfo command
0:23:25.00 Showing driver statistics
0:23:40.00 Clearing driver statistics
0:24:10.00 Dumping descriptors
0:24:40.00 Dumping descriptors for multiple Queues
0:25:10.00 Dumping specific descriptors
0:27:10.00 Uninstalling the driver
0:27:30.00 Removing the qdma modules
0:27:40.00 Removing the compiled files

See the corresponding documentation at the links below: