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Newbie tomwg123
Registered: ‎04-11-2009

32 bit EDK w/ cable drivers in Vista 64

Anybody know a way to get the 32bit EDK to support JTAG debug in Vista 64?


I'm running the 32 bit versions of ISE and EDK in Vista Ultimate 64bit edition.  This was easy to install by running the setup executable from the nt folder rather than from the root of the DVD.  From what I can tell, the 32/64bit Xilinx products are directly linked to the 32/64bit drivers.  I haven't had any success loading any cable driver in in Vista64 from a Xilinx 32 bit product.


For ISE at least an easy solution was to install the 64bit standalone programming (Impact) tool alongside my 32 bit installs.  I could then load the 64bit cableserver and have ISE do a remote connection to the localhost.  In the EDK for doing debug it doesn't look like it supports doing a remote connection to cableserver.


If I make more progress with this I'll post it here.





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Visitor thfs
Registered: ‎09-30-2009

Re: 32 bit EDK w/ cable drivers in Vista 64



I'm haveing the same symptoms, i can communicate with my dev board using Impact 64bit, but trying to connect to the board in XPS bash using xmd -opt complains about no cable driver installed, havent found a way to fix this so installing standalone programming tools on a 32 bit machine to see if my workflow will function that way.


Also I'm trying to install the development enviroment on Suse Enterprise 64 bit too see if i can collect all the tools on my 64 bit rig.


Hope you find a solution and will follow this thread.

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Visitor thfs
Registered: ‎09-30-2009

Re: 32 bit EDK w/ cable drivers in Vista 64

Solved my cable driver issues by installing the system on Ubuntu Linux, compiled a new usb driver using a 64 bit c library. Now running Embedded suite (trial) on linux 64 bit, have done a few of the tutorials using ise, edk, sdk and had no problems programming the dev board.
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