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Registered: ‎02-16-2011

Adding DMA to my system

Hi everybody,

I'm working with Microblaze over SP605 in a project using lwip. I had temac fifo overrun problems so i decided to use dma.

I don't know what steps i have to take. I enabled dma on Softemac and conected it to DDR memory. I also connect interrupt outputs from temac to the interrupt controler. (for doing that thing i make another project with basebuilder to see how it does the connections).

After generating bitstream i tried to run my elf but i received "ERROR: Elf Verify failed at Address: 0x8800f0fc".

It's my first time using Microblaze and DMA so i don't know if a need xps_centra_dma or something like that....

¿Does anybody know what i'm doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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Registered: ‎06-05-2009

Are you creating a PLB or an AXI based system? I have not tried PLB lately, but if you create an AXI system with system builder and include an ethernet IP it will also include a dma IP automatically and do all the connections for you. You then export to SDK and in your BSP include lwip and all neccesary dma setup etc will be generated for you within the BSP libraries. This worked for me with ISE 12.4 and 13.1. Hope this helps.

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