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Observer skor
Registered: ‎12-21-2015

Adding an IP to working library in VIVADO 2015.4

When running implementation I get following error massage: [Project 1-486] Could not resolve non-primitive black box cell '......_0_0_fifo_generator_v12_0_HD1' instantiated as '....txfifo_l/afifo_32_l' [".....hdl/afifo_32.vhd":466]  ( I have removed the paths due to confidentiality).


In the VHDL code there is
LIBRARY fifo_generator_v12_0;
USE fifo_generator_v12_0.fifo_generator_v12_0;


I was able to add this fifogenertor as standalone in my design  and it seems to be availble in Xilinx library. But still ´when it is used there inside another IP it seems to be missing. I thought I should somehow e able to add it to work library. So how can I do it?


regards. skor





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