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Visitor gboggs3
Registered: ‎04-01-2014

Any good tutorials for programming ARM on TE0720

Just as the question states. I have been having trouble being able to just test out the programming side of the ARM processor on the TE0720 board. I have been searching online for how to setup the board, and get into some SDK where I can program the thing, but everytime I try something, I run into errors (which I cannot find any fixes for).


I have all of the Xilinx tools/SDK's and Vivado downloaded, but I just need some sort of tutorial to help me get started working with these things. At this point I am just trying to run a simple "hello world" or blinking LED test code. Are there any tutorials that are specifically for what I am trying to do, or at least to bring the board to life?

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Scholar sampatd
Registered: ‎09-05-2011

Re: Any good tutorials for programming ARM on TE0720

Are there any specific errors you face in SDK or in Vivado?

If you simply want to execute an application on the ARM processor, you can use the XMD commands to do so.

Refer to the thread below

Other than that, you can refer to Zynq CTT:

For vivado, you might want to refer to the user guide below:

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