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Registered: ‎02-23-2012

Automating SDK builds



I'm trying to create a build script for my C SDK project on windows.


I've checked here, but have been unable to find any help on building from the command line.

I then found this, and followed it's instructions, but it seems to just generate makefiles?  It doesnt actually create my .elf file.

(I created a .bat script version of it, and a .sh version run under cygwin.  The .sh version doesn't work, as it can't seem to find/use the java virtual machine on my windows computer)


So I've been thinking I can use that to generate a makefile for my project, and then call "make all" in cygwin to actually build the project and get my .elf file?

However this means I have to create symlinks so that the commands in the makefile call the right executables.  This seems like a messy way of doing things.


Am I going about this the right way, or are the commands described in the link supposed to actually build the project?


any help would be greatly appreciated

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Registered: ‎09-12-2007

to go from XPS to SDK, you can use psf2edward command. See page 43:​uals/xilinx13_4/est_rm.pdf


To generate the application. You can use the appguru tool from command line. The appguru

will allow you to create the example designs (Hello_world, memory test, ect.) from the command line.

For help here, open an ISE shell and type appguru -help fro assistance using this.


Finally, to run libgen. again see the link above on page 87.


Hope this helps

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