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Registered: ‎04-03-2014

Bug In Incremental Build System For Xilinx SDK When Building For PetaLinux In C++

I have discovered what looks to be a bug in the incremental build system for the Xilinx SDK (xsdk) when programming for PetaLinux and writing in C++.


The bug arises when creating new class variables that are put on the stack (e.g. creating a class inside a function without the new operator). The constructors for the classes do not seem to be called, resulting in memory errors when trying to access them.


When running the program, segmentation faults and other memory errors occur.


These errors can be fixed by running Clean, then Build, which is why it has led me to believe it is an issue with the incremental build system.


I am running the 64-bit xsdk on Ubuntu 64-bit, and programming in C++.

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