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Registered: ‎02-10-2012

Catching exceptions to debug applications with Zynq

Hey All,


I am developing an ethernet application using Zynq + FreeRTOS. When there is heavy load the application crashes and restarts from the beginning. I know this because it starts executing the print statement immediately after the platform_init function. Obviously there is some exception triggered by my application and I am trying to narrow down on that.

How can one do this with the SDK debugger ? The SDK JTAG debugger does not seem to catch the exeption. May be there is some setting I am overlooking or is this possible at all ?


I was reading the Embedded Systems Reference Manuel and there is a section on Safemode for automatic exeption trapping. Unfortunately from what I understand this only applies to PowerPC and Micoblaze systems. Is that true ?


Any kind of inputs is very useful.

Thank you so much

Kind Regards


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