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Registered: ‎10-29-2008

Clock Wizard Issues

Spartan-6Q/Microblaze ISE/XPS/EDK 14.x

I have not used XPS/EDK "Clock Wizard" in a while for an old project. When I open "Clock Wizard" now most of the entries in the "Frequency(MHz)", "Phase", "Buffered", and "Range" columns are blank and "Clock Source" column has "EXTERNAL" for all the ones that are blank. For these I don't even have the option to select "AUTO" in the drop down.

It appears "Clock Wizard" is somehow out of sync with my project now.

I am able to create a new project and "Clock Wizard" works fine for the new project.

What I need to do is fix my old project so that "Clock Wizard" works again.

Where does "Clock Wizard" pull its data from? .MHS files, some file in the "__xps" folder or somewhere else?

Is there a way to somehow regenerate any XPS files that "Clock Wizard" uses as a source?

Is there a way to manual edit a file(s) so that "Clock Wizard" is able to read from them correctly again?

Thank you.


After trying many things I finally determine the issue is related to my project setting of a Defense Grade Spartan-6.  When I change it to the plain Spartan-6 the "Clock Wizard" works again. 

Any known workarounds to make it work with the Spartan-6Q Defense Grade?

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