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Registered: ‎01-18-2015

Connect Zynq-TE0720 to an external Database(SQLite, mySQL etc)

Hello guys!!!


We wish to connect the Zynq-TE0720 to an external database, why?:

Zynq-TE0720 will recieve data from external sensors such as temperature etc, and we wish to insert this data to an external database by using SQlite, mySQL etc (Open for ). Then if we wish to view the temperature, we can access the table for temperature from the Database.


Qt 5.2.1 for PetaLinux

I have read about Qt 5.2.1 because they have mentioned "Database"


"Qt is an applications framework well-suited for embedded systems development. In addition to providing a framework for GUIs and embedded graphics via direct access to the frame buffer under Linux, it provides a rich suite of framework such as multi-threading, networking, Database interaction, and more."


So my question is, how can I connect the Zynq-TE0720 to a external Database(Server), please look at the attachment bellow to understand what we wish to do, also take notice that we have installed PetaLinux on Zynq-TE0720:


Is there any good tips on how we can achieve communication between Database and Zynq-TE0720?


Thanks in advance for your help! 


communication diagram.JPG
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Registered: ‎09-12-2019

Hello dlerhasan,

I have a similar case for yours that I need to install sqlite or any other database on petalinux, have you found a way to do that or solution for your problem.


Ibrahim Abdelaty

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