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Visitor akur061
Registered: ‎07-03-2011

Connecting custom IPs with other IPs.


I am using EDK14.1 and I'm having trouble connecting my IPs together in a project. I'm new to using EDK, as all prior development has been done using webpack ISE. I know how to connect IPs together in webpack, and I assume doing the same in EDK would be simpler?


Currently I tried creating a new bus interface in the mpd file to group the signals i wanted to connect between IPs. However, when I switch to the system_assembly view it doesn't allow me to create a new connection.


Am I currently on the right track?


Thanks for reading.

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Registered: ‎01-02-2012

Re: Connecting custom IPs with other IPs.



well, I would say that the classical approach of connecting IPs with each other in an individual way is sort of misplaced when talking about EDK. Even if it is not for a processor core, it is pretty common to use some sort of bus or interface system, such as AXI for example.


I am currently getting familiar with AXI interconnecting myself, and I could actually also use a simple Master/Slave communication example (impossible to find one so far). I will create a topic regarding this issue, and should I succeed in getting an answer I will come back on you.


In the meantime you could get started with AXI yourself. :-)

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