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Registered: ‎04-18-2011

Create mfs file



I am using a ml507 board and I want to use lwip to transfer data from my webbrowser through the FPGA to an external port. I already tried to send data while changing the C code to transfer hard coded data.(and worked)

But now I want to edit my HTML and JavaScript to send data that I type in. But every time I want to use my created mfs file the browser crash and the processor stuck at the same address. Even if I try to create a new mfs file with the old files I can't bring it to work properly.

I am launching the Xilinx Shell via the XPS and use the "mfsgen -cvbfs" command to create a new mfs file. I am using the files provided by the lwipdemo, changed accordingly.

Anyone an idea what could be the issue or another tool to create the mfs file?


Thanks in advance




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