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Newbie atobias
Registered: ‎10-23-2019

Developing Zynq-7000 with Matlab HDL-Coder and embedded coder

i am new to this forum and hope the post lands in the right place. Currenly I`am working on a Workflow to generate HDL with matlab hdl-coder and Software for the Zynq ARM portion with the embedded coder for PIL Simulation. The Board is a RedPitaya. I configured a custom board and reference design with AXI Interface for use with the HDL Workflow Advisor. HDL code is working an everything is fine on the FPGA. Now my problems :

In the Hardware options for the Zynq Targetdevice (simulink-> code generation) i cannot find der Xilinx SDK (Toolchain). Can someone tell me, how to integrate the xilinx sdk in the list of toolchains ?

Never the less : to give it a try, i used another toolchain. Build was good, but transfering it to the target system  and/or run it failed. So i copied it manually and started it. There was an error, that /dev/mwipcore wasn`t found. I figured out that the target system uses /dev/mem. So I wrote a short python script and changed some registers on the FPGA (mmap) over AXI and it worked.

So my next question is, can I make a symlink from /dev/mwipcore to /dev/mem, or can i define a custom device in matlab ? (The are some AXI Blocks wich allows to change the device name - so in principle it seems to be possible. Using such blocks are no option for me since i want to implement a PIL Simulation)

I would be happy if someone had an idea or tips for me.

Many greetings


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Scholar drjohnsmith
Registered: ‎07-09-2009

Re: Developing Zynq-7000 with Matlab HDL-Coder and embedded coder

What version of Vivado are you using ?

you might want to see this

SDK is dead is the message
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Newbie atobias
Registered: ‎10-23-2019

Re: Developing Zynq-7000 with Matlab HDL-Coder and embedded coder

Thank you for your reply. I will look at the link in peace.

But the Workflow I`am working on should be completely integrated with the matlab tools.


I`am using vivdao 2017.2, Matlab 2019b with Xilinx Zynq support packages for HDL-coder and embedded coder.

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