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Registered: ‎06-13-2017

Does MicroBlaze Keep the last reset reason?

Hi All,

I am currently debugging a system based on Spartan 3E with MicroBlaze processor running an application under Xilkernel. the system restarts once in a while and we need to figure out the reason. the most important thing is to understand the reason of the restart. Specifically, I need to know if it is a power disruption (FPGA reconfiguration) or a software reset because of watchdog or exception without FPGA reconfiguration.

some processors keep a flag to distinguish between power on boot or soft reboot. I look for such a thing in MicroBlaze registers without a luck. Does such a thing supported with MicroBlaze? if not can anyone have an idea how to implement this?

the system remotely installed and I cannot simply monitor the power supplies but it has a logging system over Ethernet so we can report the reset reason on the next boot up.



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