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Registered: ‎04-30-2009

EDK and XPS with Matlab Blockset: OS and hardware decision

Hello all:


I am purchasing a several new computers, and they will be running EDK and XPS.  I am wanting to maximize my performance now (of  course), but I also want to be prepared for the improvements coming down the pipe in both of those packages...  are there any developers or program managers that are aware of the development plan for either of these packages going forward?  I would love to make use of multi-core machines and the latest 64-bit operating systems (Vista/Win7), but I am unsure of the support in the future.


How would you advise me?  which hardware is appropriate and why (not specifically, just which class)?  which OS and why?


Thank you in advance.

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Registered: ‎07-15-2008

I’ve been thinking about this too. I’d be interested to see the answers you get.

My thoughts are as follows:

No mention of windows 7 from xilinx, XP-64 seems to have been skipped over by xilinx, the Microsoft support seem to have just reached Vista 64.
I note that linux seems to be getting better support than Microsoft for the 64 bit systems, because of that I’ve just started using Linux (at home for now).

I intend to switch over to a 64 bit system, and I’m expecting to see big improvements in performance, ,,,,,, that is if the application developers do a half decent job.

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Here are my suggestions:


1. Never use the latest OS for development

Otherwise, you'll run into stability and compatibility issues.


2. If possible, use Linux for very large designs

Because Linux has a better memory management


3. Prepare both Windows and Linux

To prevent tools' bug which only occurs on one particular OS



This can be suitable for most small developing groups:

- One or several Linux servers for high performance, large RAM volume and multipul users usage.

- Users use Windows XP SP2 as their workstation desktop. VNC to Linux.

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