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Registered: ‎06-26-2018

Error when updating software project with new HDF



when i export hardware in vivado, my SDK immediately identifies the change and shows a pop up saying "Warning: Hardware Specification File Change", and then asks me whether i'd allow SDK to synchronize everything on its own.


I click yes, then i get the following errors in the SDK log:


10:41:49 INFO	: Synchronizing projects in the workspace with the hardware platform specification changes.
10:42:50 INFO	: SDK has detected change in the last modified timestamps for source hardware specification file Source:1534236169000,  Project:1534236087000
10:42:50 INFO	: Project edt_zcu102_wrapper_hw_platform_0's source hardware specification located at /home/ecl2rng/workspace/edt_zcu102/edt_zcu102.sdk/edt_zcu102_wrapper.hdf is now different from the local copy.
		 The local copy will be replaced with the source specification and your workspace will be updated.
10:43:14 INFO	: Copied contents of /home/ecl2rng/workspace/edt_zcu102/edt_zcu102.sdk/edt_zcu102_wrapper.hdf into /edt_zcu102_wrapper_hw_platform_0/system.hdf.
10:43:22 ERROR	: Interrupted exception while waiting for the completion of command '::hsi::utils::openhw /tmp/system1700366387244026032.hdf'
10:43:22 ERROR	: Failed to openhw "/tmp/system1700366387244026032.hdf"
	at java.lang.Object.wait(Native Method)
	at java.lang.Object.wait(
	at com.xilinx.sdk.xsdb.XsdbCommandWaitHandler.waitForCompletion(
	at com.xilinx.sdk.xsdb.XSDBCommandManager.issueAndWait(
	at com.xilinx.sdk.xsdb.XsdbCommandUtils.executeAndRespond(
	at com.xilinx.sdk.hw.internal.HwPlatform.openHw(
	at com.xilinx.sdk.hw.internal.HwPlatform.<init>(
	at com.xilinx.sdk.hw.internal.HwSpecFactory.createHwSpec(
	at com.xilinx.sdk.hw.sync.HwSpecChangeUtil.performChange(


Moreover, when i click the system.mss file of my board support package, i notice that no new drivers were added (which confirm that the HDF update  failed).


I m using Vivado 2018.2 and Xilinx SDK 2018.2.

Anyone knows how to solve it?

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎10-06-2016

Hi @eccol


Are you still facing the issue? It seems that the system has some issues opening the HDF file but I'm confused with the fact that it is trying to open one from the /tmp folder rather than the one copied into your workspace.




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