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Registered: ‎09-10-2020

Ethernet LWIP server hang issue in ZYNQ


I am using the ZYBO board and my application includes a basic LWIP template in SDK and I am aiming to achieve high-speed throughput with this. I have verified the iperf throughput application and I am getting around 900Mbps speed with this. Now in my application, the design is as follows:

I am using a bare-mental application.

  1. An LWIP server application will be running on the ZYBO board.
  2. A client application in Linux PC will be requesting data from the server by sending a request packet.
  3. When the request packet is received the server will send a data packet of 4100 bytes.
  4. As soon as the tcp_write function I am using the tcp_output function in SDK to get high throughput.

With this code, I am getting the server hanging issues after some time. If I remove the tcp_output then I am not getting any hang issue but speed is getting reduced drastically.

Please suggest the way forward. Hoping for a reply as soon as possible.

Speed when tcp_output is used after tcp_write ----- 10MBytes per second.

Speed when tcp_output is removed ------ 15 - 20 KBytes per second.

Here I am attaching the echo.c file where my logic is present.

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