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Registered: ‎03-22-2018

FreeRTOS - Error generating BSP sources: Failed in generating sources


I'm trying to run some example project for FreeRTOS for my ZedBoard using Vivado 2017.4.

I got the FreeRTOS from this repo:

My HW design is the following. I've done some previous research about this topic and found out that I need to include the AXI Timer for the interrupts, that's why it's here.Screenshot from 2019-05-21 18-09-23.png

In the Vivado SDK, I gonne to Xilinx->Repositories and added the path to the directory where the git project is.

To create some application, I chose "freertos_zynq" as my OS Platform. The problem is that when I try to choose some of the demo projects, I get the error "Error generating BSP sources: Failed in generating sources".

Here is the log message:

6:46:39 ERROR : (XSDB Server)ERROR: [Hsi 55-1545] Problem running tcl command ::sw_freertos_zynq_v1_02_a::generate : couldn't open "../standalone_v5_1/src/config.make": no such file or directory
while executing
"open "../${standalone_version}/src/config.make" w"
(procedure "::sw_freertos_zynq_v1_02_a::generate" line 53)
invoked from within
"::sw_freertos_zynq_v1_02_a::generate freertos_zynq"
ERROR: [Hsi 55-1442] Error(s) while running TCL procedure generate()

16:46:39 ERROR : (XSDB Server)ERROR: [Hsi 55-1450] Error: running generate_bsp.

16:46:40 ERROR : Error generating bsp sources: Failed in generating sources

I've readed some suggestions in the forum but none of then could fix this. 

I'm running the Vivado SDK in Ubuntu.

Do you have some suggestions about what am I doing wrong? Is this a version incompatibility problem? 

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Registered: ‎03-22-2018


Still can't solve it.

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