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Registered: ‎10-15-2010

HDMA descriptors update/busy problem



I'm using Virtex5 with PPC440 with HDMA. It's working well but sometimes i have some strange errors.

1 - After doing a "XLlDma_BdRingFromHw", i have some descriptors that are not updated (Status and user app are not set).

2 - Sudently the "DMA_Channel_busy" is set to "0" (even if it remains descriptors that are not yet processed) and the result is that all the DMA is blocked.


These both errors seem to appear randomly and not everytime. On a continous stream, i can send for example 50MByte data withtout any problem and sometimes after only 5KB or 1MB or anyMB, one of these errors happen.


Does someone can help me on  these both problems or at least at one of them please.


Thank you so much.


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