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Registered: ‎03-08-2010

Hardware specification for xps_ethernetlite 3.01a to use lwIP

Hi, everyone!

   The hardware specification file given in is targeted to xps_ethernetlite v2.01 a, however in SDK 11.4, the xps_ethernetlite version is 3.01a, which introduces pins like PHY_MDC, PHY_MDIO_I, PHY_MDIO_O,PHY_MDIO and so on. How should I specify the connections for these newly introduced pins? I also find out that the PHY_rst_n for ethernetlite v3.01a is No Connection however for v2.01a it is connected to fpga_0_Ethernet_MAC_PHY_rst_n_pin, anyone can explains for me? And in order to use the socket applications can anyone provide the mhs file for xps_ethernetlite v3.01a ?

   Many Great Thanks!


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Registered: ‎01-29-2008

I have quite the same issue.

I use EDK 12.2 to generate my system (with ethLite core), Linux runs well using


However when booting, I have the following error :

xilinx_emaclite 81000000.ethernet: Device Tree Probing
xilinx_emaclite 81000000.ethernet: error registering MDIO bus
xilinx_emaclite 81000000.ethernet: MAC address is now 00:0a:35:ba:08:00
xilinx_emaclite 81000000.ethernet: Xilinx EmacLite at 0x81000000 mapped to 0xD2120000, irq=3

As you said MDIO bus is not entirely connected

PHY_MDIO_I, PHY_MDIO_O and PHY_MDIO_T have no connection when locking ports tab in EDK.


I'm not really sure, but this issue seems to prevent Ethernet cable connection auto-detect by kernel.

But maybe I'm wrong.


How do we connect these three pins in the design ?


Best regards

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Registered: ‎10-05-2010

Hi all,

In my design (based on SP601 and base system builder) is the phy_mdio signal connected to a bidir IO buffer.

The _I, _O and _T signals are for example useful if your XPS design is a sub-design in ISE but normally not necessary if using XPS only.

I still do have this error that the MDIO bus could not be registered and I simply ignored it as it worked. Now I want to connect the board to a new (1Gb) Ethernet switch and I am facing what you get. Did you solve the issue?

I think there is an additional entry in the dts file necessary.

Maybe the Xilinx people have an answer here.

Best regards,



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Registered: ‎01-29-2008



I did not solve the issue : still the error message about registering MDIO bus.

Like you I just ignore this error since my Ethernet works well.


However I tried also to connect my design to a giga-bit switch and it doesn't work.

I do not investigate further but I think that it is a matter of speed negociation.


I hope also that a Xilinx guy got the solution.


Best regards


PS : I use a ML605 board and Linux from

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