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Registered: ‎11-12-2012

How can I check the memory when the ELF Verify fails during a debugger download?

Shortly after creating a new BSP and application in the SDK from an imported XML/BIT/BMM file set the debugger stops working.  I'm running on Windows system and  the target is an ML605 (Virtex 6) evaluation platform.


I can successfully create a "Hello World" program and debug that; but after adding some code, within one or two debugging sessions I get an error message on download:

Unexpected error while launching program: ELF Verify failed.  Please check if memory is working properly.

How can I check if the memory is working properly?  The code is linked to run out of BRAM.


As an aside, what's the difference between the ELF verification after building and ELF Verify when debugging? Is the latter reading the ELF in memory, and the former a file on the host file system?


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Re: How can I check the memory when the ELF Verify fails during a debugger download?

The tools will verify your ELF. The ELF file is generated from Libgen. Libgen takes in all your driver source files, your BSP, your application source files and compiles it into various sections using your Linker script. So, using the information in your linker script, it knows where to look in your memory to verify.


So, if your linker script is not correct, then you will see this issue. Can you right click on your application and generate the linker script again?


You can also, disable this elf check in the run application settings in the SDK

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