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Registered: ‎05-07-2019

How to create an linux application static library using an existing directory tree of source code.

I am trying to use the XSDK to create a project based on code I already have running on a different platform.  So I have a git repository with library code which contains several directories of platform independent code that can be compiled into a static library, then I have the applicatioin with platform dependent code that I compile and link with this library to create the image.  

I'm trying to use the XSDK now to build an image for a xilinx platform. So I want to create a static library based on a git repository of source code, then creat an applicatioin that links to that static library.  I can figure out how to build/link the applicatioin code to the static library, but I am struggling to figure out the XSDK command sequence.

When I create a project (file->new->project->Library Project) everything seems to go correctly, it create a project in eclipse, then try to import the code from my github repository into this project (import C/C++ -> Existing code as makefile project); give it a project name (same as the github repository name) then provide the path to my local repository.

After this, no code shows up under the project and when you click build all it simply says :

**** Build of configuration Debug for project libtest ****

Nothing to build for project libtest

So clearly I am missing one or more required XSDK steps. Is there a tutorial or example project that demonstrates the above  steps for creating a standalone linux static library based on existing source code/directories?

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