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Observer pritya
Registered: ‎10-13-2017

How to resolve symvers issue in modules (having exported symbols) created by petalinux.

Hi all,

       I am using petalinux 2016.04. I have created 2 modules (a and c). I have exported symbols in 'c' and using them in 'a'. This setup is compiled successfully without any warnings.


      On board when I tried to insert module a, i got following error =>

"mymodule_a: no symbol version for mymodule_a_export_symbol
 mymodule_a: Unknown symbol mymodule_a_export_symbol (err -22)
 insmod: can't insert 'mymodule-a.ko': Invalid argument"


      I found on the boards =>

1 . "alias symbol:mymodule_a_export_symbol mymodule_c"  in modules.symbols

2 . "extra/mymodule-c.ko:
      extra/mymodule-a.ko: extra/mymodule-c.k" in modules.dep files


Requirements :

    I need two modules individually for petalinux configuration.


    How can I link them so that modules 'a' can be inserted without any failure.


Any help will be appreciated.


Regards and thanks,



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