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Registered: ‎10-25-2011

Importing ppr to vivado

I've seen a few posts about people having difficult importing an embedded design from planahead to vivado for zynq and importing custom IP form planahead to vivado. I was working with the IP Integrator and it looks to be impossibly inconvenient. So much so that I was convinced that I'm doing something wrong.


Do I really have to manually connect most of the pins in the blocks that IP Integrator generates? The Run Connection Automation barely helps. For example, I have an AXI DMA instanntiated and a processing system with a HP0 port active. It won't let me connect the HP0 to the M_AXI_MM2S port of the AXI DMA. It says "No matching connections found". In planahead, I never even worked with the schematic. I could simply use the "Bus Interfaces" tab to connect up what I wanted. I could also input text manually into the MHS files (I know this is against suggestions but it was so much easier). 


Now there are a ton of ports on each block I don't care about that I have to sift through. Is there no interface like PlanAhead's XPS' Bus Interfaces tab?

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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Re: Importing ppr to vivado

Which version of Vivado are you using? Some masters, like DMA, must be interconnected to appropriate IP. To assist in 

additional automation, specify more information, as follows:
° An additional parameter, DEPENDENT_ON, must be set on the address space. Set the
value should to the string name of the slave interface that creates the transaction.
This allows DMA-like masters to declare that master transactions are based upon a
slaved request.
° An additional parameter PREFERRED_USAGE on the address space indicates the
type of memory accessed. Possible values are: MEMORY, REGISTER, and ALL. DMAs


In addition, the automation features have been enhanced a lot in the latest version 2014.1.The recommend approach is to run the block automatic on IPs like MIG, DMA followed by connection automation. There is a good document to get started


Hope that helps.




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