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Observer ubertekgfx
Registered: ‎02-05-2008

Importing projects always choose ppc405_1

Been using the EDK/SDK for a while now and have seen an annoying issue. Regardless of any Platform Settings, existing projects that I import cannot be changed from one processor to another.



Open EDK.

Launch SDK.

Create a new project assigned to PPC405_0.

Close SDK

Close EDK

Rename the SDK_projects folder to SDK_projects_orig.

Start EDK

Start SDK. This will create a new SDK_projects folder with PPC405_1 and PPC405_0 folders.

Copy over the project you created from the SDK_projects_orig folder to the newly created SDK_projects folder.

use the SDK to import the copied project.

Result: It's a crap shoot. Sometimes the project will be imported linked to PPC405_1 and sometimes to PPC405_0. Nothing I have changed seems to affect this. Nothing I can change seems to improve the odds of which processor the project is linked to.

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