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Newbie aclaessen
Registered: ‎06-19-2015

In line assembler issue Xilinx XSDK for Zynq

I am trying to compile an application developed with the ARM DS-5 tools the Xilinx XSDK (14.04) IDE and compiler.

I have run into an in-line assembly code issue that seems to compile correctly on the ARM DS-5 ide but fails on the XSDK.


The module is in a directory “XilinxCode".

The code is in the file “xpseudo_asm_rvct.h” and has a 2009 Xilinx Copyright header.


The code segment in question:


static __inline unsigned long mfcpsr(void)


    register volatile unsigned int Reg __asm("cpsr");

    return Reg;



#define mtcpsr(v)        { register volatile unsigned int Reg __asm("cpsr");\

                                      Reg = v; }


The error message that I am getting is:

invalid register name for 'Reg'


I am new to low level bare metal programming and have no experience with in-line assembly. Anny help would be appreciated.

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