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Observer kcraft
Registered: ‎05-12-2014

Libraries (-l) vs bsp compile issue.

I've repeatedly had this issue when I tell the BSP to include a library and code works then one day it stops compiling correctly. I then disable the library in the BSP, recompile, reenable the library in BSP and build. This typically fixes the problem.


In a previous post :



It was explained that I should use lwip4 in my applications libraries(-l) settings. This resolved the issue since it was always happening with the LWIP libraries.


I just reencountered the issue but this time with the Xilflash library. I found that including "xilflash" was enough to resolve my immediate problem.


Question: where can I find a list of all the libraries -l commands that relate to the different libraries I use? I don't want to have to remember how to resolve this problem each time I add a new library or one that I've been using decides to not link.


Thanks in advance.

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-02-2007

Re: Libraries (-l) vs bsp compile issue.



Let us try to list down the options:-


-lxilkernel(refer to socket bsp of XAPP1026)

-lxilflash (refer to ML605 BIST hello_flash application)

-llwip4 (refer to xapp1026)

-lxilisf (refer to xapp1034)




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Scholar sampatd
Registered: ‎09-05-2011

Re: Libraries (-l) vs bsp compile issue.

By default, the compiler searches only the standard libraries, such as libc, libm, and libxil.

You may also try adding -L (Lib Directory) to search for the libraries in the path provided.
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