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Registered: ‎02-13-2016

MFSGEN command in 2015.4 does not appear to work as shown in examples

I am trying to change the image.mfs file in the lwip_example.

If I use the the command as shown in the example:

mfsgen -cvbfs ../image.mfs 3000 *

This results in the following error:

****** xilmfs
****** SDK v2015.4 (64-bit)
  **** SW Build 1412921 on Wed Nov 18 09:43:45 MST 2015
    ** Copyright 1986-2015 Xilinx, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Error:File * does not exist or is not readable
MFS block usage (used / free / total) = 1 / 2999 / 3000
Size of memory is 1596000 bytes
Block size is 532
mfsgen done!


It appears that the file wildcard * no longer works.


If I use the command:

mfsgen -cvbfs ../image.mfs 3000 css images js yui index.html


mfsgen -cvbf ../image.mfs 3000 css images js yui index.html

It appears to run correctly but when you do an extract on the generated image.mfs,  the

directories js and yui are extracted as files not directories. Also the extracted index.html file is empty.

The generate (-c) command appears to traverse the subdirectories and find the files in them.

The extract (-x) commands to not.


The list command:

mfsgen -tvf image.mfs

This does nothing.  No errors message.  Just says mfsgen done!


How does one make this tool work correctly?


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Registered: ‎02-13-2016

What I have discovered so far.


When creating a MFS for the Zynq SoC the following command appears to correctly generate the image.mfs file:

mfsgen -cvbf ../image.mfs 3000 css images js yui index.html


Adding -s flag does not work for the Zynq SoC.

The -c (create) must be done in the root directory of the file structure.  The ..\image.mfs specification puts the image.mfs file in the directory above root directory of the mfs source folder.

Reducing the number of blocks so it is close to the actual number of blocks used results in writing the boot flash faster.


Wildcards such as * does not work for the filelist.  For the filelist the top level files must be explicitly stated along with the name of any subdirectories that should be included.


The -t flag does not appear to work at all.

The -x flag does not generate a valid set of extracted files.  Top level files tend to be extracted with 0 data and some subdirectories are incorrectly extracted as data files with 0 data in them.  So it is not usable to verify the image.mfs file.


I was only able to verify the file structure on the Zynq SoC itself.


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