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Observer coldwell
Registered: ‎07-11-2011

Microblaze standalone on QEMU (fdt)

I struggled for a few days trying to get QEMU to run a Microblaze standalone (bare-metal/no-OS) executable. There were several problems, starting with a segmentation fault in QEMU when it tried to auto-parent the interrupt controller before the first CPU was realized, and culminating in an orphaned MMIO memory map. The upshot is the attached set of four patches that I am submitting; the first two are "code janitor" stuff that clean up a linked list implementation and plug a small memory leak. The second two are perhaps more controversial: one forces the interrupt controller intialization to wait until the first CPU is realized, the other forces the MMIO regions into the system memory map. If my approach isn't the right one, please enlighten me; otherwise I'd appreciate it if these were merged into the Xilinx QEMU fork (none of this stuff exists in the upstream QEMU, AFAICS).

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Registered: ‎10-06-2016

Re: Microblaze standalone on QEMU (fdt)

Hi @coldwell 

I would suggest to send the patches to the xilinx git contribution mailing list rather than posting in the forum. Use git@xilinx.com for it :)

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